Figs from T H Brown and Son

Figs from T H Brown and Son

Figs from T H Brown and Son

The fig is the most revered and ancient of fruit trees – mentioned in the Bible. “They are a gift from God”.

While figs are available most of the year from around the world, they tend to be a rather expensive delicacy. However, August / September is the time to take advantage of the huge supply of Black Bursa figs from Turkey.



Bursa figs are wonderful fruit, especially when they are perfectly mature: plump, soft, sweet and full of flavour, so don’t miss-out!

The Bursa region is stunning: a region of sun-soaked steep hills looking out onto the Sea of Marmara. 95% of black figs in Turkey are produced in this relatively small geographical area by a patchwork of small growers. Around 40 villages focus on the crop; with around 10 of these producing 70-80% of total volume.


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